How easy is to create a website with PrestoWebTM?
PrestoWebTM allows just anyone to create webpages in a simple and flexible way.
How do I start to create a website with PrestoWebTM ?
It is simpler than you can imagine. Just insert the text and upload the images and ba-da-bing, the site is ready.
If I have any question?
PrestoWebTM comes with an online help system, and an online helpdesk where a customer can ask any question to a qualified operator. PrestoWebTM comes with also with a manual....
Are there any additional webpage design costs ?
No. With PrestoWebTM the customer can choose the templates on which insert the contents, and the software will automatically create the web pages.
Do I still have to learn html?
No. Through some simple and intuitive commands, anyone is in a position to set up the a website quickly.
Do I need an Internet provider?
Yes, to publish a website you will need to have a permanent internet connection, and a valid IP address
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